Innovation Ecosytem

KritiKal remains India’s only true R&D innovation incubator that continues to maintain and expand its special relationship with India’s IIT system. Through our unique Innovation Ecosystem, we are “creating” (Kriti) for our client partners a “tomorrow” (Kal) that is unparalleled in terms of productive collaboration, execution capacity and imaginative talent.  


For our key clients, we set up dedicated Design Studios/Innovation Labs where the best and the brightest minds at KritiKal (and often in the business) are brought together within our innovation eco-system to create cutting edge products and solutions in rapid time. The studios/labs draw energy and big “R” expertise from relevant parallel and suitably interlinked (or co-located) studios or labs at IIT-Delhi, which are typically under the direct supervision and control of IIT professors who are part of KritiKal’s broader innovation ecosystem. The studios/labs are equipped with audio/video conferencing facilities and support 24x7 operations to enable optimal interactions across various geographies and time zones. They are also equipped with appropriate communication and collaboration tools for work and knowledge management.

Our vision is to build a giant innovation eco-system that is unmatched anywhere in the world, an eco-system that will give KritiKal’s client partners an unambiguous edge. 


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