KritiKal Advantage

KritiKal is committed towards providing world-class technology services to every client. Our process-driven focused R&D, skilled and experienced engineers, and tie-ups with the most sought after academic institutions of the country, enable us to provide a competitive edge to our clients. We at KritiKal believe in delivering the best to our customers, through our varied experience and skill-set. We add vaue to your operations through our-

Collaborative Approach

Our customers are not our clients but our partners for us. We believe in developing long-term relationships and take pride in the ownership of the products we design and develop.

Expertise in diverse domains

We have independent depth in a wide spectrum of varied technology and business verticals. Our experience aids us in quick project conceptualization and execution, putting us in an enviable position.

Unique Business Model

We have fostered strong academic linkages with tier 1 Indian colleges like IITs which enables us to provide R&D consultancy from the best.

Product Lifecycle Expertise

Our expertise in all the stages of product lifecycle accelerates time-to-market and generates greater return on investments (ROI) for our customers.

Understand Product Psychology

We have our own products and a huge repository of IP. Therefore, we understand product psychology along with the importance of correct design and development.

IPR and Confidentiality

We understand the value and importance of intellectual property and confidentiality. To maintain high levels of confidentiality we have corporate level mutual non-disclosure agreements and secure project resource management in place.

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