Our vision is "Creations for Tomorrow" i.e. to create technologies and products which will be critical for applications and services of the future.


  • To innovate continuously for the benefit of not only our clients but also society at large.
  • To go beyond client expectations while maintaining the highest product engineering quality and standards.
  • To short circuit the R&D process by bridging the gap between industry needs and academic research.


KritiKal is an organization driven by its values. Our fundamental values include:


We innovate continuously – for the world and from within. Innovation is our culture. 

  • Doing hi-tech R&D
    • Evidenced by valuable patents and IPR, which power successful market leading products
    • In strong collaboration with leading academic and research institutions
    • Being recognised as a leading research and development organization
  • Working smartly – to create value and wealth
    • Doing smart and profitable work, which helps move the world forward
    • Via market-centric R&D Efforts
    • Increasing efficiencies in different and new ways
    • By making space for creative and cost effective alternatives in our innovation praxis (Frugal Innovation)
    • By staying ahead of the competitive curve on the basis of innovation
  • Developing a culture of ideation and innovation – across KritiKal
    • By creating and adapting new technologies, tools and processes across KritiKal
    • By inculcating Continuous and Never Ending Improvement
    • By demonstrating innovative and hi-tech look and feel in all external interfaces


We strive for continuous all round growth, in:

  • Value
    • Value we add to our community, country and world through products and services
    • Market Valuation, Capitalization, Profit and Revenue
    • Brand Value and Market Recognition
  • Team
    • Team Competencies, Capabilities and Knowledge
    • Team Size, Retention and Utilization
    • Meeting Stakeholder (Shareholders, Investors, Employees) Aspirations
  • Reach
    • Geographic Footprint and Global Presence
    • Existing Customer Relationships, and New Customer Relationships
    • Product and IP Portfolio
    • Market Share

Customer Focus

  • Customer Communications
    • We will be honest, transparent and proactive in our customer communications
    • We will build trust and rapport with our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations
    • We will always be available and approachable to our customers
  • Customer Service
    • We will respond to customer concerns and complaints immediately, empathetically and courteously
    • We will make best efforts to meet all our customer commitments in a timely, consistent and professional manner
    • We will be sensitive to our customer’s culture, geography and business sensibilities
  • Customer Delight
    • We will tie our success to that of our customer’s by working together as partners in innovation
    • We will develop a deep understanding of our customer’s business, their challenges and opportunities
    • We will be flexible and adaptable to accommodate our customer’s need for speed, value, quality and dependability 


We will meet all commitments we make, big or small, under all circumstances.

  • Meeting Time Commitments
    • Communicate well in advance to those that you have committed to in case you are not able to keep time commitments (includes: Clients, team members, suppliers, partners and all parties you engage with)
  • Keeping Promises
    • Under promise and do not over sell
    • Keep promises to employees, peers and all stakeholders in the current environment
    • Reflect and take seniors/peers/team members into confidence before making promises to external partners
  • Follow Our Established Code of Ethics
  • Follow Legal Processes
    • All transactions should be well documented and contracted in line with legal
    • Approach legal where contracts/MoU’s/RFP’s and any other third party arrangement is happening
  • Honesty/ Being Truthful in All Things Great or Small
    • Authentic communication- Giving Feedback, Showing descent, Pushing back where strong beliefs in self exist
    • Showing vulnerability as leaders
    • Acknowledging mistakes of self 
  • Be True to Our Core Value under all Circumstances
    • Being self-reflective and conscious of the core values
    • Seek support from seniors when you feel any of the core values is at threat of being compromised


We do what we say will do – in making safe reliable and defect free products, with excellent user experience and global standards.

  • Making Safe Reliable High Tech World Class Products
    • We put our heart and soul into developing world class products and delivering solutions with strong focus on user safety and reliability
  • Doing What We Say We Will Do
    • We believe in every word of quality processes we write and commit to
    • We measure and validate how “Precisely We Do What We Intend to Do”
    • We believe in validation at each step we take against set process and objectives across all our functions
  • Focus On Presentation/Packaging And User Experience
    • We believe that presentation and packaging is key to success of each product or solution we make
  • Error and Defect Free Products and Services
    • We deliver completely defect free products to Users
    • We deliver seamless service tuned to Customer needs
    • We give fanatical attention to consistency and detail
  • Well Documented Quality Processes
    • We have well documented quality processes covering all technical and non-technical work we carry out
    • We believe that quality originates from committing ourselves to standards and processes
    • Getting it right the first time is our motto, and we achieve it by adhering to our processes at the minutest level
  • Adherence to Global Quality Standards
    • Each of our processes is benchmarked with global standards
    • Innovating ways of accessing and imparting quality at par and beyond globe standards is an inseparable part our process philosophy and practice

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