Redefining the Automotive Industry 

The global automotive industry has gone through extraordinary changes to meet the challenges of the modern world- ranging from enhancing driver safety to enabling a greener environment.  In this technology-led disruption era, the need to go beyond just a moving vehicle is a driving factor for all the leading companies in the automotive domain. We at KritiKal Solutions, provide innovative product engineering services armed with consulting expertise, technical know-how, and industry-focused knowledge, to help automotive manufacturers successfully harness the potential of evolving technologies. 

KritiKal’s Innovation-led Automotive Experience 

We have been working with leading automotive ventures for more than 14 years and have a dedicated team with extensive years of IT automotive field experience. With our core strengths based in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded-Systems, and IoT, we strive to provide high-end solutions to OEMs and TIER-1 automotive industries. We also work towards creating unmatched innovations and efficiencies across the extended value chain. 

Our capabilities in the automotive sphere include: 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are in-vehicle electronic systems which assist the driver and ensure a secure and safe driving experience. Our strong competencies in developing traffic light recognition, traffic sign & scene text detection, pedestrian detection, tail-light & vehicle detection, lane detection, surround view, and naturalistic driver behavior, helps our automotive clients build innovative products.

Active Safety Systems: Active Safety Systems use sensors like Camera, RADAR, LiDAR and Ultrasonic sounds, to build a model of the environment and based on this model it attempts to detect the possibility of forward collision and warn drivers during hazardous situations. We at KritiKal Solutions develop monitoring and safety devices for heavy lift applications such as cranes, back-hoe loaders. Also, we devise vehicle access control mechanism, Camera and RADAR based EBA/ACC and Cross Traffic Alert Systems. 

Connected Cars (Telematics): Connected cars are next generation smart cars where people connect with every possibility around the world. KritiKal possesses strong expertise in providing connected car solutions to leading automakers around the globe. We utilize GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking to enhance the car’s ability to connect with the outside world and augment the in-car experience.

Interiors: These include inside the vehicle technologies that use different sensors like Visible/IR Band Cameras and Video Analytics to provide data to vehicle ECUs. Also, such systems are responsible for monitoring the driver's driving pattern and gauging the driver’s alertness level. KritiKal with its team of computer vision experts develops solutions like Driver Drowsiness Detection, Drivers’ Alertness Monitoring System, Driver Behavior Modeling using data analytics technologies.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles: The electric vehicle space is booming at a fast rate with automobile giants getting greater success in terms of cost-efficiency, fuel-savings, and greener surroundings. KritiKal’s electric charger capabilities include Lead acid and Li-ion, Li-Po chargers (ranging from few watts to few kilowatts), MPPT Chargers, and solar charging systems. Our Motor Controls capabilities include BLDC motor controls, DC motors, and stepper motors.

Vehicle Capability Enhancement Systems: We at KritiKal Solutions, develop vehicle capability enhancement systems that reinvent their capacity to bear the load.  We developed Crane Monitoring Systems that warn about potential overweight to avert potential on-site accidents. The system can be easily retrofitted to older cranes extending their useful life. Also, we have developed a cost-effective Data Acquisition System that allowed manufacturers to manage larger inventories of the product and measure their fleet effectiveness. 

Battery Management Systems: A battery management system (BMS) shields battery cells from damage, extends battery life-cycle and maintains the battery in a state in which it can meet the functional requirements of the application for which it was designed. Our vast experience in developing Coulomb counters, temperature sensors, pack management, charger protection, monitoring systems, and wireless power devices help in improving battery efficiency which in turn advances the capacity of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Intelligent Transportation: Intelligent Transportation Systems involves a broad range of communication-related applications intended to enhance travel safety, augment traffic management and increase the benefits of transportation to users and the general public. We at KritiKal provide vehicle tracking, OBD and remote diagnostics intelligent applications for transportation that boost transport efficiency. Also, we design algorithm development for route planning.  

Top Reasons to Choose KritiKal for Automotive Solutions 

  • Rich experience in developing innovative solutions for top global OEMs and Tier-1 automobile companies
  • A highly skilled and experienced team in automotive technologies including Embedded Vision, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Social, Mobility, Telematics, and Infotainment; KritiKal provides state-of-the-art automotive solutions for better business outcomes 
  • A truly global company- KritiKal offers designing of client-focused automotive applications right from ideation to execution enabling companies to shape their transformation journey for better profitability and increased competitiveness
  • KritiKal’s competency lies in enhancing automotive capabilities by following industry standard processes

As a forward-looking product engineering company, we understand the challenges related to rising product complexity, strict environment, and safety regulations faced by the automotive companies and possess the requisite expertise to support our clients- helping them pave the way for their future growth.   

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