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Economic uncertainties, fluctuating marketing needs, stiff regulations, and digital innovation are leading to a number of challenges and related opportunities for energy companies seeking continuous growth. We at KritiKal Solutions, help energy and utility companies overcome such difficulties by reinventing their business processes. We provide ways to- streamline business operations, retool systems to connect with newer technologies, support quick-decision making, and optimally utilize resources & skills to transform traditional business models into technology-driven energy houses. 

Explore our industry-leading energy solutions:


Smart Inverter System: KritiKal Solutions with its core competencies in embedded systems and IoT, has built a revolutionary inverter system that automatically detects a power outage and switches the system to backup mode. This intelligent device runs on ARM core-based Microcontroller & RTOS and has a built-in power section, load controlling unit and communication module. For connectivity and data logging, Ethernet and USB OTG peripherals are used in the smart inverter. Also, the GUI based touch screen displays system parameters like input supply condition, battery charging & capacity, mode of operation and output load condition to ensure proper functioning of the system. 

Smart Meters: By combining our strengths in embedded engineering and machine learning algorithms, we develop next-generation meters that help residential and commercial units keep track of their current electricity production and consumption. Our smart meter utilizes Modbus protocol for connectivity and data logging. This further helps in storing energy consumption data, interacting with meters and transmitting data onto the cloud server. Through our intelligent meter, users can view data like energy consumed, active power, voltage, and electricity in the form of analytics on their mobile phones or desktops. 

Remote Monitoring of Generators: With a rich experience in building Industrial IoT devices, KritiKal Solutions has built a revolutionary system for a diesel generator set that measures and monitors parameters such as oil levels, temperature, pressure, and flow of fuel with high accuracy. Through this remote monitoring system, the data can be easily sent to GSM-based devices. In addition, the data of a particular generator set located at a different location can be collected via GPS.

Electric Vehicle Chargers: Going one step ahead in the electric vehicle revolution, KritiKal built a TI controller chip based 800W (65VDC, 12.3A) Lead-Acid battery charger for electric vehicles. The charging system works on full bridge phase shifted PWM topology and is compatible with varied voltage supplies of different areas. It involves a temperature sensing circuit and protection features like output overload protection, short-circuit protection, over temperature protection, output-over-voltage protection, output reverse polarity protection, input inrush protection, & input over-current protection. 

Energy Efficiency in Chillers and Cold Storage: With rich domain expertise and our innovation ecosystem, we have the capability of developing a complete sensor based system for chillers that saves energy and maintains cooling throughout. With this system, the temperature and humidity of the chiller can be sensed through battery operated sensors, which are later passed to a smart plug via Bluetooth which checks the power consumption, power factor, & voltage and sends the data to a central server through Wi-Fi.  

Battery Management Systems: Leveraging our innovation ecosystem strengths and the dexterity of our experienced embedded engineers, we designed and developed a next-gen battery management system that includes features ranging from input over voltage protection (OVP) to multi-cell balancing. We use a variety of functional blocks and design techniques such as cutoff FETs, a fuel gauge monitors, cell voltage monitors, cell voltage balance, real time clock (RTC), temperature monitors and a state machine to craft the best battery management system as per needs. 

Why choose KritiKal Solutions? 

  • We are a leading company in devising innovative energy management solutions that cater the best solutions to the ongoing demands of energy and utility companies  
  • Comprehensive industry experience in quickly adapting to unique business needs and ongoing changes  
  • Pool of experienced engineers that work relentlessly to drive revolutionary products and solutions for energy companies 
  • Focused approach towards building new energy efficient appliances which are scalable, flexible and ready-to-integrate with existing systems to meet futuristic needs 
  • We combine cloud and engineering to create new possibilities for energy clients to improve their business processes and systems   
  • Our knowledge ecosystem of advanced technologies, purpose-driven cloud engineering, and core expertise in embedded systems & IoT, help industries upgrade themselves in a dynamic marketplace 

Bring excellence and create new value for your company by tapping into our suite of offerings in the Energy domain. 

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