Intelligent Transportation Systems

KritiKal Solutions has deep expertise and experience in developing advanced applications in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Following are our main offerings:

TRAZER® is a camera based Automated Traffic Counting and Classification (ATCC) software technology that is used widely by Urban Planners and Civil Engineers / Academicians to study the city traffic. The software tool automatically detects and classifies moving vehicles in a traffic video stream (including live stream from an IP Camera) and then tracks each vehicle. The software is capable of calculating speed of each vehicle and many other parameters like headway, gap, lane discipline, etc. can be automatically calculated by working on the vehicle trajectories.

TRAZER® Services is a turnkey solution offering for conducting Traffic Surveys for Toll Audits and Highway Counts. KritiKal Solutions aims to provide reliable traffic counts with auditability through Video Based Processing & Annotated Videos, to give more strength and steel to the estimates done by Traffic Consultants and Concessionaires.

KLiPR is an Automated Number Plate Reader (ANPR) technology that is robust to non-standard number plates in India. It detects the presence of a vehicle, locates the number plate on the detected vehicle, segments the character from the number plate and does an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the segmented characters to generate the Vehicle Registration Number as text along with the Number Plate Image, Timestamp and Vehicle Image. The software can be successfully integrated with RFID, boom barriers, sliding gates, VMS and driver's face camera module, for third party applications. It runs real time on live camera stream and has proven to be the best ANPR technology for challenging Indian Conditions since 2006.

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