Network Clock

Don’t let fluctuations in time impact your mission-critical business operations! Keep all operations running flawlessly with KritiKal’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) enabled clock.

Time Synchronization is indispensable in large distributed networks to ensure that performance of all operations happen in an ordered manner. Network Clocks with their automatic and accurate time synchronization feature augments enterprise workflow and productivity.  With our Smart Network Clock, organizations can manage their crucial functions and ensure smooth flow of their ongoing operations. 

KritiKal's Network Clock provides accurate and reliable time by synchronizing itself over the network to a GPS based Network Time Server. It uses  main power and communicates over Ethernet and Network Time Protocol (NTP) to operate. The installation and setup procedure of the clock is quite simple and hassle-free and the brightness of the clock can be adjusted according to preferences. Our clock is an ideal solution for Contact Centers, Data Centers, Universities, Health & Wellness industries, and Manufacturing units. The Clock has two models: 

• NTPC 40 

• NTPC 05 

KritiKal's Network Clock


  • DHCP or static IP addressing
  • Time synchronization/configuration: 12-hour & 24-hour Time Format
  • Red LED 7-segment display
  • Clock Sync Indicator with a (.) LED light that indicates the status with the server
  • Comprehensive webpage based access to customize the functionality of the clock
  • Multiple time zones supported
  • Warranty for a period of 1 year

Technical Specifications  

   NTPC-40  NTPC-05
 Display Face  6-Digit Red 7-segment LED  6-Digit Red 7 segment LED
 7-segment LED size  4 Inch  0.56 Inch
 Cabinet  Black Powder coated MS Sheet  White Powder coated MS Sheet
 Accuracy  +/-100 millisecond  +/-100 millisecond
 Power Input  85-264VAC,50/60 Hz  85-264VAC,50/60 Hz
 Dimension  810(L) mm x 95.4(W) mm x 196(H) mm  242(L) mm x 108.4(W) mm x 75(H) mm
 Mounting Type  Wall & Pendant  Flush Mounting
 Network Interface  10/100 Mbit Ethernet  10/100 Mbit Ethernet
 Operating Temperature  32º to 158º F (0º to 70º C)  32º to 158º F (0º to 70º C)
 Operating Humidity  80% maximum, non -condensing  80% maximum, non -condensing

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