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Faster Processes, Increased Reliability

The field of Computer Vision is rapidly expanding and has significantly more processing power and memory today, than in previous decades. Kritikal Solutions being one of the top computer vision companies in india supports this niche. The field is based on real-time computer video analysis, where the images for analysis are supplied by one or more image sensors. Computer Vision and Image Processing based applications have found extensive use in security and surveillance, automotive, medical imaging, entertainment, automation, digitization and related domains. The solutions are based on object detection, classification/recognition and tracking, optical character recognition (OCR), image registration/mosaicing, content based image retrieval (CBIR), 3D vision/measurements and other components.

How KritiKal Solutions Helps

KritiKal provides cutting-edge services in computer vision and image processing and is known for the design of superior algorithms and optimized solutions for achieving maximum achievable accuracy and run time performance. We offer real-time video processing solutions for on-line applications along with our off-line video and image analysis solutions, as well as data labeling (ground truth preparation), automated testing and ‘human in the loop services’. Vision system design services by KritiKal include selection of imaging sensors, cameras and image digitization circuitry, lighting, placement and mounting, and choosing the right processing platform for software development and integration with other electronic or electro-mechanical systems. Combined with KritiKal’s expertise in embedded systems, we offer the capability to design and develop ‘embedded-vision’ systems and camera internal electronics as well. Algorithms are designed from scratch in C++/C or other suitable languages, KritiKal internal modules/libraries, as well as by using tools such as MATLAB (for quick proof of concepts) and OpenCV (open source) among others.

Our Competencies

  • Technologies: C++, C 
  • Platforms/Tools: Open CV (Intel), MATLAB
  • Capabilities/Examples:
    • Real time Camera Based Applications Eg: ANPR, ATCC, Security & Surveillance
    • Noise Removal and Pre-processing Eg. De-Blurring (fast moving cameras)
    • Object Detection and Tracking Eg. Road Sign (OCR), Skin Analysis, Store Audit 
    • Mosaicing (creating wide angle view panoramas) Eg. Vehicle Underside Scanner
    • 3D Vision (measurements in 3D) Eg. ‘Auto Modeling’ houses (interiors)

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