Embedded Systems & IoT

Intelligent Industry Solutions Driving Business Value

Embedded Systems control several of the common automation systems today and find applications in solutions ranging from consumer electronics, office and home automation to transportation, telecommunication and even space exploration. These embedded systems are increasingly being joined together into an "Internet of things (IoT)." IoT enables exchange of data between previously unconnected devices. Driven by the convergence of cloud technology, rapidly growing data volumes, and connected, intelligent devices communicating with each other, IoT is revolutionizing businesses by creating new business models and new revenue streams.

How KritiKal Solutions helps

KritiKal provides product design services in the Embedded Space. Our engineers build complex embedded products that are custom designed by relying on innovative hardware and software designs. Our expertise lies in System Architectural design and development of IoT enabled market-ready products. We have an impressive portfolio of product designs that use FPGAs, 8 bit to 32 bit microprocessors, bus architectures like SPI, I2C, CAN, PCI etc.; and Embedded Operating Systems like Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX etc. KritiKal’s domain expertise extends to network routers, modems, telecom protocol firmware and cameras.

Our Competencies

  • Technologies:
    • ICs (Chips): TI OMAP, ARM, PowerPC, Xilinx/Altera
    • Boot Loaders: uboot, redboot
    • Embedded SW: C, C++, SystemC, VHDL
    • OS: Linux, ThreadX, WinCE, Android
  • Platforms/Tools: Orcad, Cadstar, Eclipse
  • Capabilities/Examples:
    • System Software, Hardware Design and Prototyping(up to 16 layers PCBs): 
      • PoS Terminals, Cameras
      • Refreshable Braille Display, Surgical Equipment Lock/Refurbish
      • UPS(Building Management), Solar Micro Inverter, Energy Conserving devices
      • Radar Data Multicast Forwarder, Switch/Router
      • Crane Safety Dashboard, Electric Vehicle Charger 

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