Geo Registration

Our system computes accurate and reliable geographical location of a given point in an image frame from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle video sequence. It provides a feed-back mechanism to the inertial navigation system (INS) by using vision-based techniques for processing the video from the UAV camera to obtain a more reliable geo-reference. 


  • Geo-registration and geo-location system (GGS) software computes geographical location of the ‘point of interest’ in an image frame from a UAV video sequence
  • High-resolution satellite images and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data can be utilized for obtaining accurate geographical reference of UAV
  • The integrated solution consists of 
    • Interactive front-end User Interface (UI)
    • Geo-registration and geo-location module (GGM) for calculating geographical location
    • Data Interface Module (DIM) for managing input data from UAV video, DEM and satellite images
    • Geo-registration and geo-location System Controller (GGSC), for control and inter-module communication between UI, GGM, and DIM
  • The selected UAV images can be saved for future reference

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