Geo Surveillance

KritiKal Solutions has developed a module to solve the vast area surveillance problem using a series of cameras with low common FOV's mounted atop a PTZ unit with capabilities of detecting and tracking moving targets using state of the art tracking algorithms. The Wide Area Tracking (WAT) application also has control over some of the functions of the cameras and the PTZ unit for dedicated tracking of a specific target using a serial interface. The WAT module interacts with the user with the help of a user friendly front end GUI and with the cameras and PTZ unit using serial interfaces created for controlling specific functionalities of the devices.



The main features of the system include:

  • Stitches the registered high resolution images from all cameras to generate a wide area image
  • Designs and develops specified algorithms for detection and tracking of moving targets across the wide area image both automatically and by manual selection 
  • Designs serial interfaces for up to maximum nine devices to be connected, initialized, and controlled by the application
  • A user-friendly, menu driven GUI with options to view the wide area image with tracked objects and manual controls for the PTZ Unit, target selection and camera controls
  • The application can load video files in .avi, .mpeg formats for wide area tracking in offline mode
  • In online mode- the system can take inputs from up to a maximum of five cameras for generating the wide area image for tracking
  • Options to store the videos being captured on disk from all the cameras in .avi or .mpeg formats for viewing later on
  • Stores tracking results in an effective format
  • Initialization, tilt correction, of cameras on application start-up

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