KritiKal's Cash-Hawk is a state-of-the-art solution assisting banks, financial institutions, and enforcement agencies in tracking sources of counterfeit currency. Cash-Hawk is a robust and reliable solution backed by two years of extensive research on the available technologies, user perspectives, and cost effectiveness. This is a significant step towards eliminating the deep rooted menace of fake currencies. Deployment of this solution at banks will increase business security and customer confidence/satisfaction, manifold. 

This path breaking offering from KritiKal is based on advanced high speed digital image acquisition and processing technologies that capture and extract currency serial numbers circulating in a banking system. The system maintains transaction records for creating an audit trail in case of detection of counterfeit currencies.

cash hawk

Winning Customer Confidence

Cash-Hawk assures constant customer confidence with the pro-active approach from the banks/financial institutions to curb circulation of counterfeit currency by detecting the source and solving the problem at the core. 

Business Security

Cash-Hawk is the industry's first comprehensive solution for currency serial number tagging and provides the missing link to trace origin of counterfeit currency. Banks can be assured of legitimate currencies being deposited at their teller counters.

Enhanced Productivity

Its easy adoption makes banks productive from day one. With the tracking and source detection problem simplified by the offering, precious time of the operator spent on checking each currency bill is saved and customer waiting line is reduced.

Key features of Cash-Hawk  

  • High-speed currency feature capture (4 sec for 100 notes)
  • Transaction evidence through image of depositor
  • Utilizes advanced digital camera technology & optics for best image quality
  • KritiKal's proprietary OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine provides high accuracy, reliability, and repeatability  
  • Comprehensive transaction details (Account number, Teller ID, Branch ID etc.) are tagged to currency details
  • Built-in information security using strong encryption for data storage and communication
  • Multi-Level User Authentication
  • Communication over SSL
  • Configuration & encryption key distribution
  • Report Generation & Audit Trail
  • Remote Software Upgrades
  • Microsoft SQL database with data archival
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface through popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome

Investment Protection

  • Built upon industry standard platform
  • Leverage investments in existing infrastructure
  • Retrofittable solution with existing note counting machines
  • Scalable and modular design using established hardware and software platforms
  • Seamless integration with core banking

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