Container OCR

KritiKal’s Container Number OCR system automatically identifies records and verifies the Container ID number for both fixed and moving scenarios. The system is designed for efficient container loading and unloading ensuring accurate container movement. The system facilitates effective management and operations at gate, yard, and loading & unloading zones for modern ports and terminals.

The Container Number OCR system is based on KritiKal’s proprietary OCR Engine Platform. The underlying OCR engine is modified to suit the requirements of Container Number OCR system for translating images of printed text (here container ids captured using camera) into machine-readable form with a standard encoding scheme with 100% accuracy. 

The Container Number OCR system can be easily integrated with KritiKal’s proprietary Automatic License Plate Reading System (KLiPR) for integrated solutions for a port/ container terminal. The integrated system is suited for capturing, recognition and storing the Container No/ IDs along with License plate of the vehicles. Along with effective operation for ports, the integrated system provides maximum access control and security management. 


Container OCR



  • Facilitates effective management and operations at gate, yard, loading, and unloading zones for modern ports and terminals
  • Provides maximum access control and security management
  • Increases efficiency by processing images at less than 1 sec per image
  • Improves terminal entry and exit security, by providing 24-hour non-stop container number recognition
  • Facilitates automation of terminal, depot and/or vessel operations
  • Reduces operating costs by facilitating real-time global tracking and tracing of containers
  • Enhances and facilitates terminal's operations through consistent performance
  • Supports recognition of Container ID No., ISO Codes, and Chassis No. reading on both moving and stationery containers
  • Automatic real-time recognition, recording and verification of Container ID numbers
  • Intelligent character recognition regardless of image source quality - image source may be partially distorted by rust, mud, peeling paint, fading colors and/or uneven lightning conditions


KritiKal's Container OCR is useful for the following applications:

  • Toll collection points for container logistics
  • Cargo security at terminals
  • Terminal gates control
  • Container terminal logistics
  • Container inventory management at yards
  • Container damage inspection

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