KLiPR is a state-of-the-art real time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based vehicle monitoring system, that uses automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) for tracking and identification of vehicles, by capturing and analyzing live camera feed. The processed vehicle license plates are stored in a database and can be verified against a number of user defined criteria.

The automated information resource of the system adds a vital component in decision making process for various applications in access control, parking and visitor management, industrial monitoring, traffic surveys and tolling systems. KLiPR integrates seamlessly with physical access control device like boom barriers and sliding gates.



  • Detects and reads license plates automatically 24x7 in real time 
  • High accuracy for heterogeneous number plates
  • Vehicle speeds up to 120 km/hr
  • Simultaneous multi-lane processing
  • Engine capable of detecting and recognizing different dimensions, contrast, color license plates with variety of character fonts and styles
  • Transmits real-time stamp of entry/exit of the vehicle to the database
  • Open system architecture; integrates seamlessly with third party applications  
  • Driver Image Capture module
  • Alarms/Alerts for stolen or marked vehicles


  • Gives a 24*7, faster and reliable alternative to manual registering of license plates
  • No stoppages leading to faster throughput even during peak hours
  • Faster, efficient, and comprehensive data capturing and verification of the vehicle
  • Capable of handling heterogeneity of license plates for various geographies and regions
  • Engine can be easily integrated with other access control applications and devices like boom barriers


KLiPR lends itself to application in the following areas-

  • Access Control based management of vehicles
  • Parking Management Solutions
  • Highway/Border monitoring system for vehicles
  • Vehicle Monitoring through automated real time alerts for Unauthorized/Barred/Stolen vehicles
  • Traffic and Parking flow surveys
  • Vehicle monitoring at toll booths 

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