Video Based Object Detection and Analytics Platform

KritiKal Solutions specializes in real-time video processing solutions for on-line applications apart from off-line video and image analysis solutions. We work on intelligent software critical for security and traffic and transport applications, biometric software, and machine vision systems. We work right from selection of the imaging sensors or cameras and image digitization circuitry, lighting, placement and mounting to processing platform for the software deployment and integration with other electronic or electro-mechanical systems like sensors and motorized arms.

Some of the application areas include intrusion detection, object detection and recognition, vehicle detection, counting and classification and face detection. In all the above applications, our software also supports multiple camera coordination for scenarios which require more than one camera for monitoring or inspection purposes. All our intelligent software suites work on both Windows and Linux platforms and are capable of working with all major categories of cameras from simple analog cameras over TWAIN compatible framegrabbers, DCAM cameras and also cameras on the CameraLink. We also undertake custom software development and turnkey projects based on client needs. 

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