Traffic Sign Recognition

By utilizing our rich experience in Optical Character Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Video Analytics and other vision based technologies we have developed a software that aids in traffic sign recognition, which is an important component of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Automatic identification and classification of road signs helps in directing drivers thereby ensuring a vigilant drive.


The capabilities of our Traffic Sign Recognition software include:

  • Sign identification in various lighting conditions ranging from very dark to very bright conditions
  • Detection of variable sized road signs ranging from 35x35 to 210x210
  • Detection of variable shaped road signs like Circular, Angular etc.; the shapes of the signs depend on the angle at which the images of the signs have been taken
  • Identification of variably colored road signs: Road signs like ‘No-Left Turn’, ‘No-Right turn’, and ‘Stop’ invariably appear in different shades of red color
  • Detection of low contrast input images: This could be due to motion blur, the lighting conditions etc.


  • Image segmentation based on color slicing, adaptive thresholding and shape detection
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) for classified sign detection
  • Color notation used to display the signs, in particular, green for ‘No-Right Turn’, blue for ‘No-Left Turn’ and red for ‘Stop’

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