Our Mosaicing Engine is a cross-platform semi-real-time system for generating high quality panoramas from live or offline inputs. The engine can work in two modes:

Automatic Mode: On availability of input the mosaic can be automatically created for the entire duration of the session.
Interactive Mode: User can operate via the User Interface Module to select zones of interest to create mosaic(s) of the zones selected.


  • Free (perspective) mosaic generation: In the absence of any additional information, images are processed in sequence and joined together to form a mosaic. Such mosaics may contain perspective distortion.

  • Infinite Geo (orthographic) mosaic generation with additional telemetry input: Additional telemetry information can be used to rectify input images to obtain orthographic views. These ortho-rectified images are now used as input for panorama generation.

  • Radial distortion correction: Radial distortion effect causes straight lines, especially towards the boundary of the image, to appear as curved lines. The system provides the facility to perform radial distortion correction as a pre-processing step.

  • Intelligent recovery subsystem to skip noisy frames / frames distorting the panorama: Images that are noisy or cause the panorama under construction to distort are skipped automatically.

  • Multiple blending schemes: When two images with overlapping content are joined to increase the field of view, artifacts appear at the boundary of the image. The artifact effect can be reduced by using one of the provided blending schemes.

  • Efficient and robust custom image structure to support infinitely long mosaic: It is possible to construct extremely huge panoramas. In order to reduce computation requirements to handle such huge images, a custom structure has been designed.

  • Semi – Real time system: The engine processes images and simultaneously generates panorama at 12.5 fps (on a normal desktop computer).

  • Custom post processing features can be added as per the requirements of the client including:
    • Enhancement of certain regions within the mosaic by applying appropriate filters
    • Extraction of information like the distance between two points or area of a certain region etc.
    • Overlaying the mosaic on a specified digital map and display mission path over the mosaic


Mosaicing Engine products find uses in the following applications:

  • High resolution backgrounds

  • High resolution scans of large drawings: A drawing that can’t be scanned in a single go, can be scanned in parts. These sub-scans can then be stitched together to generate a high-resolution scan of the original drawing.

  • Vision-based health monitoring of large vehicles: Cameras mounted at the entry / exit points of a terminal can generate panoramas of the various sides of a vehicle. These panoramas can be used as health monitoring measures for the vehicle.

  • Reconnaissance: Videos captured by an aerial vehicle during flight can be used to generate a terrain map, making it easier to interpret the spatial layout of the various targets of interest.

  • Geo registration: Panoramas constructed by an aerial vehicle during flight can be registered with satellite images. The registration can be used for updating maps or even for flight path correction.
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