KritiKal, stands out as a Vision Systems Expert, leveraging capabilities in Product Engineering, R&D and Innovation and combining strengths across domains like Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, IoT and Web, Mobile & Software Application Development. 

‘Vision Systems’, to us, is a replication of a Human Eye (Camera) & Brain (Processor). We combine expertise from the Components Level (Lens, Lighting, Processor) to Vision-based Intelligence brought out through full-fledged, Holistic Solutions across Mobile-Vision, Cloud-Vision & Embedded-Vision.


Traffic & City Surveillance gets simplified, with TRAZER. Count & Classify Vehicles for Toll Audits, Highway Studies with Metrics like speed, occupancy, trajectories, etc. shown with Customized Reports & Annotations


Our state-of-the-art, Real-Time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based Technology uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition System ( ANPR ) to track & identify vehicles – supporting Traffic Surveillance & more


Feature-packed, Affordable, User-Friendly – DotBook is a Refreshable Braille Device, which enables easy access to Digital Content for people with Visual Impairment. DotBook enables a level platform for Education, at Work 


Optical Character Recognition or OCR, helps convert images of Text, into text. Applications range from Digitizing Documents to supporting autonomous driving, to Traffic Surveillance
and more.


This Vision-based Intelligence, helps Smart Surveillance Applications like, Detecting objects like Seals on Containers, Logos on Vehicles (Traffic Surveillance),  dangerous items like firearms on people in public spaces.

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