KritiKal's Solutions

Here’s what we bring to the Table.


Driver Drowsiness Detection, Traffic Light Detection, Pedestrian / Animal Detection, Lane Departure, Tail Light Detection, Collision Detection, Surround View

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Container OCR for Efficient Container Loading & Unloading, Road Sign / Pavement Sign Recognition, OMR / Forms processing, Document OCR

Retail Audits, Object Detections, Wide Area Tracking, Data Labeling

Skin & Hair Analysis, Anthropometric Analysis

DotBook – The Affordable, Feature-packed Refreshable Braille Display, Bus Identification System for the Blind, Medical Instruments

Smart Inverters, Electric Vehicle Chargers, BLDC Motor Controllers

(Connected Devices), Industry 4.0 Applications, Smart Cranes, NTP Clocks

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C, C++, Python | Image Processing, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing | Embedded Vision

X86, ARM, PowerPC, Renesas

Microchip, NXP, Freescale, Atmel, TI MSP430, STM8, STM32, FPGA based custom I, Zync

C, C++, SystemC, VHDL

Linux, ThreadX, WinCE, Android, RTOS, BSP Development

C, C++, C#, DotNet, Java, NodeJ, PHP, Python

AngularJS, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery

Native & Hybrid App Development – Android, IoS, Windows

Xamarin, Marmalade, Firebase, Parse

Cassandra, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Elastic Search

Django, Express, Qt, Spring MVC, Symfony

Platforms / Tools

Open CV, Tensor Flow, Caffe, Pytorch, Dockers, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Pycharm, QT, LabView

Orcad, Mentor Graphics PADS, Cadence Allegro, Zuken Cadstar, MPLAB, Eclipse, Kiel, IAR, Multisim, Proteus

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Hadoop, Apache Spark, Map Reduce

Kubernetes, Docker, Talend, JIRA, Bugzilla

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