Work @ KritiKal

Core Technology and R&D

Our engineers get to work on solving challenging problems that others routinely give up on. A direct association with research institutes fuels the engine of innovative technology transfer from research to industry.

Individuality & Collaboration

We foster a culture that celebrates diversity, encourages individuality and nurtures collaboration. We’re always on the lookout for individuals who are unique and yet truly embrace team work.

Creativity & Innovation

We stand proudly at the forefront of creating transformative technology solutions. Our Product Engineering “Sapphire” Lab is a physical and mental space where the focus is on delivering innovations.

Fun @ Work

We want you to have fun while you’re doing what you love. Our employees are part of teams such as “KalaKriti” that organise recreational activities at KritiKal to help our employees relax and unwind.

Customer Centricity

We go beyond the explicit deliverables and collaborate closely with our customers throughout the product life cycle to give them innovative solutions and high-quality products.

Professional Development

Our employees are our most important investment and we ensure there are ample opportunities for growth. Our employee’s professional journey is mapped: regular feedback, soft skill and technical training ensures we’re all top performers amongst our peers.

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