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The advancement in Information technology has provided society with a plethora of benefits. Better user-experience, process automation, and process optimization are now the top priorities of a company. To cope with the ever-changing software and …
Learn what React Native is and why should you choose this for your next mobile app. React Native framework is used to build both Android and iOS platforms.
Curing diseases. Building advanced robotic prosthetic arms. Turning smart cities into safe cities. Revolutionizing analytics. These free data sources can help power your project.
LED, a light emitting diode, is a two-lead semiconductor that has become a popular source of artificial light nowadays. In simple terms, it glows when electric current passes through it.
Embedded Vision is one of the most exciting technology as it enables machines to see, sense and immediately respond to the world.
Just like fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and voice recognition, Face Recognition is a biometric modality that is used for the purpose of secure authentication.
Mobility is now, not limited to the basics; with the mix of Vision Technology & powerful Mobile Applications; Mobile has now become a window to the World.
Cloud-Vision involves the processing & orchestration of Vision-based applications over cloud infrastructure. Cloud allows to pay for the resource usage with ease of scalability.
In web development world, JavaScript has gone mainstream with its ability to be used in frontend, backend, mobile applications, and even AI-based application development.
Imagine fleets of firefighting drones sent into forest fires and navigate water delivery to stop fire outbreaks; A software that lets you try make up on the go.
In the IoT milieu, one can fathom about the deep investments, fueling innovations that are not limited to the Smart Home System but are expanding to large-scale Industrial Applications.
One of the biggest challenges is, tackling piles of documents. With Optical Character Recognition, paper-based documents can be processed into digital form.
Mobile technology shapes our future and health goals. Health-based apps have now become a norm to provide better care and health facilities anytime, anywhere.
Embedded Vision combines Embedded Systems and Computer Vision to enable a machine to perform intelligent tasks. It can be used for a variety of applications.
Being a hot trend not just among the tech circles, but the world beyond that as well, AI has dramatically made game-changing impacts in subtle yet sweeping ways.
It may be easier to embrace a Hybrid approach to build and maintain your mobile app but it’s unlikely that it will provide a great UX along with high performance.
There are predictions that the next 2 years will bring 50 billion Connected Devices into the market, thanks to the smart devices that help businesses save time & cost.
Industry 4.0 has helped bring automation to every phase from Procurement, Processing, Distribution of Raw Material to the Final Products.
The amazing variations in the number of connected devices are exploding, right from Smart Homes to Industrial Automation, Medical Devices to Wearable Technology.
The Automotive Revolution is growing stronger with each passing year and it seems like out-of-the-box concepts won’t take long to wield their magic on the turnpike.
Advances in AI interfaces, predictive healthcare, and diagnostics all come down to the application of machine learning to help patients have access to smarter healthcare.
As a web developer, you might be facing challenges to meet the evolving needs like - UI/UX, loading time, performance, scalability, cross-platform accessibility & security.
Innovations in the Internet of Things, Sensory Capabilities and Advanced Mobile Applications are helping the entire ecosystem of Caregivers, Patients and the Healthcare Industry flourish.
AI is a high-paid industry involving major tech heavyweights, startups, and billions of dollars of investment to bring about a transformation that has been always imagined.
The mobile app industry is expecting a whopping growth, seeing no downturn in the foreseeable future. With so many inventions in the segment, the businesses are open to limitless possibilities.
Technology has helped both the small and large companies to collate wide and relevant information about their customers which is very essential in the cosmetic industry.
Be it highly personalized shopping experiences or remote interactions with products, IoT is has become a real game-changer in the retail supply chain.
It’s no secret that with every day, come new technology trends, tools and new programming methodologies, which create a lot of buzz amongst the techies.
The meteoric rise of USB media streaming devices is the latest in a stream of landscape-changing technologies taking the Internet-of-Things market by storm.
The most important reasons developers opt for Android are its popularity, discoverability, high reliability of Ad attribution, and cost effectiveness.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing massive amounts of surveillance video, which further optimizes municipal operations and improves resident’s quality of life.
To cut down on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions & capitalize on renewable energy adoption, countries are leaning towards massive adoption of electric vehicles.
Every organisation today wants to get their hands-on customer data using Machine Learning Apps in order to track the data and give best possible results.
Transportation infrastructure is getting highly modernized with sensors making way for Wide Area Tracking to transcend the growth of the transport industry.
Since DevOps has become the new norm and security becomes an ever-important part of modern day business, teams should focus on building security into DevOps practices.
In the good old days of file sharing, you had to sit around and wait, as the computer and internet connection took its dear time to download something.
The futuristic aspect of IoT (Internet of Things) has created a stir in everyday life, but what fuels the development of IoT is the information gathered by mobile apps.
Streaming services have taken over the Internet. Now searching the Internet for TV shows has become easier as streaming sites stream all of them just as they would on DVD.
Smart Cities are now becoming mainstream vehicles to support long-term economic growth and well-being of its inhabitants. It brings convenience and opportunities for the residents.
Pure Machine Learning based systems tend to fall short in terms of accuracy. While, the combination of machine-driven classification with human-in-the-loop factor brings more accuracy.
The term connected car is a mainstay in the vision for the future of automobiles and involves a broad range of concepts from internet connectivity to driverless mobility.
Mobile Vision technology works entirely on mobile. This not only helps companies interpret the visual world on the go, but also supports agility in the business model.
Deep learning is creating efficiencies in our power grids, gaining momentum across healthcare, augmenting agricultural productions & helping us in weather forecasting.
IoT is a massive network of devices connected to the Internet. This includes anything ranging from jet engines to washing machines, coffee makers, wearables; anything that has built-in sensors.
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